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The Partners

The Foundation for Participative Research with Honduran Farmers (FIPAH) engages subsistence farmers as researchers to regain power over their food supply. Nourish International is a student organization that partners with community development organizations abroad to implement sustainable development projects.

Nourish’s project with FIPAH focuses on youth engagement. Nourish will fund a FIPAH computer lab in Yorito, Honduras and lead computation and journalism workshops for youth, to increase access to information and facilitate the sharing of agro-ecology research to promote food sovereignty.

For more information regarding our project, check out these sites:

Foundation for Participatory Research with Honduran Farmers (FIPAH)

Nourish International (the UNC Chapter)

Nourish International (the National Office)

Watch the trailer for Saving the Seed!

Saving the Seed presents an intimate portrait of FIPAH’s work and gives us unique access to the personal stories and daily lives of farmers succeeding on marginal lands in Honduras. This incredible film was produced by Scott Turner and Claire Kane, two team members of last year’s Nourish project with FIPAH.

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